The Dispute Solutions Hub

The Dispute Solutions Hub

Promoting Mediation, and related consensual and conciliatory processes, as the preferred mode of resolving disputes and conflicts
Mediation and
Mediation Advocacy

What We Do

The Hub will also offer and provide bespoke Training, Consultancy and other services, tailor made specifically for governmental institutions, companies and other commercial organizations and enterprises.
Negotiation and conflict/dispute resolution workshops for companies, organizations, and groups, helping them to build capacity to collaborate and find mutually beneficial solutions to conflicts and disputes through mediation and negotiation services, training, and consultancy
A forum for research, development, dissemination and exchange of thoughts, ideas, trends, learnings, expertise and knowledge in Mediation and other consensual methods of dispute and conflict resolution
Seminars, Webinars, and Roundtables fostering the development and inculcation of a Mediation culture by and within corporate and other organizations

The Vision

To create a Mediation and ADR Institution that provides excellent, innovative, reliable, effective, and integrity-driven solutions to the highest professional and ethical standards and in accordance with international best practices

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